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Carpetriders EP

by Carpetriders

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Soshanna Grungy traditional/classic psych rock from my neighbors up north. Favorite track: Busey's Helmet.
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Carpetriders' debut EP


released December 14, 2013

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Dwayne Morgan
Assistant Engineering on Keep Cruisin' and Busey's Helmet - Justin Weiss
Mastered by Brian Smith



all rights reserved


Carpetriders Langley, British Columbia

Carpetriders are a 4-piece rock band from Langley, BC. Some call us stoner rock, some call us indie, and some just don't care. We are the latter. New album, Strange Ways, is in the process of being mixed. Release to be announced soon!

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Track Name: Keep Cruisin'
Cruisin' my way down a one-way street
thinkin' "Am I ever gonna see you again, baby?"
I was looking at you, and you were looking at me
thinking to myself this could be destiny
Now I can't say why I feel this way
all I can say is that your looking damn fine today

You gotta keep cruisin'
keep cruisin

400 horses at my feet, they are sitting ready to be unleashed
I reach down and crank the tunes,
I'm sittin' back and I got nothing to lose,
'cause I'm cruisin'
I look in the mirror and what do I see?
An angry little piggy that's challenging me

You gotta keep cruisin'
keep cruisin'

Red and blue is all I see
they're trying to keep up, by they just can't catch me,
I'm pulling away.....
Track Name: Magic
In a cavern down below 'neath the mountains and the snow
Me and my goblin buddies summoned from our goblin hole
There's beef between the wizards, red, black and blue
But everybody knows you gotta play the hand that's dealt to you
Well shortly thereafter growth was rampant for a while
We were waitin' on an island, he was swampin' for a mile
I had only just arrived, he had already sent
Some wicked necromancer to reanimate the dead

They shall drink the dregs of sorrow, they shall kill the ones whom they once used to love
A rancid army raised from underground fought righteous angels from above

(He said) Phyrexia is eternal
Life is ephemeral, cast in the inferno
From the mountains to the sea they watch so helplessly
As I create mechanical hell on your world

He struck first with haste at two zombies and a troll
And he went out in a way that a berserker oughta go
And I probably woulda too, had it been not for
the strength of a giant, stone hands, and the sword
Of feast and famine, couldn't hear the temple bell
I was gonna punch his ticket, send the sucker back to hell
Started staring at the sky and for the first time
I felt something warm and fuzzy goin' on inside

Tainted by a thousand fears he grew stronger, upon a throne of bone
But before the hordes could reach us at the bottom the rain it turned to stone

(And we heard) silence, Urza had spoken
Will of Yawgmoth has been all but broken
Gone and sealed your fate with level eight annihilator
Clutching at the vines as they are choking
Track Name: Busey's Helmet